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Privacy Policy


KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC may obtain certain personal information from visitors to its website such as names, email addresses, telephone numbers (and, in the case of KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC clients, such information may include tax identification numbers, social security numbers or other information that KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC deems necessary to provide services to such clients).

KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC will never sell your personal information to anyone, nor will KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC ever disclose any personal information unless one of the following conditions is met:

KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC receives your prior written authorization, consent or direction to disclose the information to the recipient; or

KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC is either permitted or required by law to disclose the information to the recipient.

To protect your personal and non-public information from unauthorized access and/or disclosure:

KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC limits access to those KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC employees who require such information in order to perform their job duties;

Third parties that perform services for KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC and have access to such information either agree in writing to keep such information strictly confidential and free from disclosure or otherwise demonstrate to KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC’s satisfaction that they actively adhere to such policies and practices; and

KLR ASSOCIATES, LLC has instituted physical and electronic policies, practices and systems designed to safeguard such information from unauthorized access and/or disclosure.