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KLR Associates, LLC is a private real estate investment firm that aims to generate risk-adjusted current income with the potential for capital appreciation by investing in stabilized portfolios of Single Family Rental homes.

KLR properties are managed by licensed Property Management Professionals to our demanding standards.

7% annual dividend yield – guaranteed.
$7,500 minimum; Accredited Investors only.

KLR Associates, LLC operates in Utah and most major markets.

Our targeted approach allows KLR Associate, LLC Homes to scale with discipline as we partner with regional managers of excellence.

Ability to raise rents as economy and inflation allow.

Closing the Gap

Our Mission is to close the gap between the Have’s and the Have Not’s.
Simply stated, our goal is to provide affordable housing to renters and potential buyers focusing on the Lease Option market.

With a regional market approach and an insider’s view of what properties are available, you can have confidence in your investment portfolio appreciation while at the same time addressing the needs for social justice.

If this sounds like a win-win to you – then, you are the investor we are seeking to partner with.