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Investment Resources

Investment Resources


Investing in others. That is what KLR Associates, LLC is known for.

We want to make a difference in our community and the lives of others.

Our investors want guarantees – not hollow promises.

How do we do it? Because of an emphasis on safety and investment security first, combined with our high return property techniques.

Our focus, is to help enough people get what they want out of life. It’s that simple.

We have identified a pool of credit worthy individuals and/or families that deserve a break getting into their first property. Therefore, we invest in single family homes, townhouses and condominiums throughout the United States.

Additionally, we have invited a select group of investors to choose to either invest in KLR Associates, LLC or to invest is a specific property.

When they invest in us, we offer a guaranteed 8% APR. However, if they choose to invest in a particular property – they become a secured lender (i.e., either 1st Trust Deed or 2nd Trust Deed holder) and the investment returns are limited to that particular property.

All Trust Deed holders may sell their investment back to KLR Associates, LLC for the amount that was originally invested, at any time should they require liquidity.

Our goal is to put people in homes that have steady employment, good credit – but, simply lack the down payment requirements for conventional loans.

KLR Associates, LLC maintains an expert locating staff, and buy raw land or homes under retail value – therefore, our investors earn built-in equity with safety.